Guardian Bingo

A year-long, low-stress fest based on the novel by Priest and the 2018 drama.

Welcome to Guardian Bingo 2022!
This is a very low-stakes, low-pressure fest meant to be fun and inspire more Guardian fan creations. It runs from January through December of 2022.
How Does It Work?
Request a card using the sign-up form and it will be emailed to the address you provide. You will have a total of 25 prompts on the card, which you are free to interpret however you wish.
Filling prompts will earn you Hallows badges as follows:• One Fill – Longevity Dial
• One Line (Any Direction) – Mountain-River Awl
• Bonus Prompt (Five Bonus Fills) – Merit Brush
• Two Card Lines – Unlit Guardian Lantern
• Blackout (All Squares Filled) – Lit Guardian Lantern
What Do The Badges Get Me?
Something nice to post on social media or just admire on your own, a sense of accomplishment, possibly a wormhole to ancient Haixing.
Can I Fill Multiple Prompts With A Single Work?
Because the fest has no minimum length/content requirements for creations, you can only claim one prompt fill per creation.
That being said, if you have multiple works tied together (for instance, you start a fic series and add on new parts, you make art to accompany a fic you wrote, etc.), you can use those multiple related works as individual fills.When Do Sign-Ups Close?
Sign-ups are open through the end of 2022. You're welcome to join at any time.
What Works Are Accepted?
Pretty much any new creations, including:
• Fanfic
• Fanart
• Edits/Gifsets
• Vids
• Moodboards
• Playlists
• Rec Lists
• FanARTifacts (tangible creations/crafts)
• Podfics (with original author’s permission and a link back)
• Translations (with original author’s permission and a link back)
• Meta Analysis
If you have another idea, check in with the mods, but it very likely works.
What Are The Length Requirements?
None! This is meant to be fun, not stressful. Want to write a 100k multi-chapter epic? Sounds great! Is this the year you master the drabble? Also wonderful! The point is to have fun and create, not worry over min/max requirements.
Is This Fest Novelverse or Drama?
Either or both! It’s totally up to you, though some of the prompts are more closely tied to one or the other. (If you get a card with a drama or novel specific prompt that you are unfamiliar with, let a mod know when you receive the card.)
What About Ships And Ratings?
All ratings and any ships (or no ships) are allowed, though works should be appropriately tagged.
What Are Bonus Prompts?
Staring in February, each month will feature a bonus prompt in addition to the ones on your card. Those prompts will be announced on Twitter and Tumblr at the beginning of the month.
You may substitute one bonus prompt for one of the prompts on your card.Filling a total of 5 bonuses earns you the Merit Brush badge.Crossovers, Derivatives, and RPF?
Crossovers definitely work. Derivatives based on other roles played by the drama cast or RPF aren’t prohibited but they may not work with many of the prompts.
Can I Earn A Fill For A Work I'm Creating For A Different Fest?
So long as the other fest has no objections, you are good to go!
Collaborations With Other Creators?
Are fine, provided that everyone agrees and contributes to the creation. Collaborative works can be used as fills on all creators’ cards.
Ok. So What Isn’t Allowed?
• Old works you’ve already posted
• Plagiarized works
• Harassment/abuse of other participants
Sounds Great! Where Do I Post My Creations?
• The AO3 Collection
• Twitter – Tag your creation #GuardianBingo2022 for a retweet
• Tumblr – Tag @guardianbingo in your post or DM us for a reblog (you can also tag it #GuardianBingo2022 but Tumblr’s tags are very wonky so that might not work well)
• If you happen to post elsewhere (Dreamwidth, Live Journal, etc.), then post a link on Twitter or Tumblr.
Will The Mods Keep Up With My Fills?
No. You’ll need to keep track of them on your card as you post them. When it’s time to collect a badge, use the reporting form to let the mods know.
I Filled My Card. Now What?
Request a new one! (But only if you want to keep creating. Otherwise, sit back and bask in your own awesomeness.)
What If I Still Have Questions?
Ask away on Twitter, Tumblr, or email [email protected]
Fest Coordinators
Logistical Coordinator & Primary Contact tehfanglyfish
Graphic Designs highlynerdy
Prompt Contributor sasamelons

Bonus Prompt FAQWhat Is A Bonus Prompt?
An extra prompt issued at the beginning of each month, starting in February. You can fill it in addition to the prompts on your card or swap it out with a square that you don’t like or is giving you trouble.
How Much Time Do I Have To Complete The Bonus Prompt?
Through the end of the month in which it’s issued. February’s prompt has to be filled in February, March’s prompt in March, etc.
You are also allowed to turn in any bonus prompts you might have missed throughout the year in a special extension month in January 2023.What Do I Get For Filling Bonus Prompts?
• First and foremost, whatever work the prompt inspires you to create.
• A way to swap out a square on your card – just be sure to keep a record of the swap
• The Merit Brush badge (if you fill 5 bonus prompts
Do I Have To Complete The Bonus Prompt?
Of course not. They’re 100% optional.
Apart From Having To Complete The Bonus Prompt Within The Month It Was Issued, Are There Any Other Changes To The Rules Regarding Fills?
Nope! Just like with your card, creations of any length and format are allowed provided that they’re not reused or plagiarized. You are also allowed the same freedom and flexibility in interpreting the bonus prompt as the squares on your card.
Who Chooses The Bonus Prompts Each Month?
The ever-amazing and very appreciated sasamelons!
I’ve Read Through All Of This But Still Have A Question.
We’d love to answer it. Please email the mods at [email protected]

Bonus Prompt ListFebruary: Tiger
March: Women and Gender Non-Conforming Characters
April: Birthday
May: Time Travel
June: Dragon
July: Meeting Again
August: Star-Crossed Lovers